Friday, December 12, 2008

Multiple Kill Vehicle

Ian O'Neill introduced me to this Terminator like gadget in this article over at A multiple warhead intercept and kill vehicle. This is not the standard kinetic vehicle, but an advanced robot capable of tracking multiple targets simultaneously and intercepting them with warheads. See the video below. I recommend playing it along with this soundtrack or maybe this one.

Scary as it may be, tactical developments have a way migrating into every other sector of society and revolutionizing the way that we work and play.

As long as we don't strap it to a homicidal AI embedded within the internet or the extracted brain of a serial killer, I'll be able to sleep just fine. I guarantee that this same technology will be integrated into NASA missions in the coming years.


Alexander DeClama said...

Interestingly enough, we have a new Terminator movie coming out. However, can I just say I want one.

James Rogers said...

Indeed! As a matter of fact, I have the trailer right here: